Turkey Breast Easiest Ever

By January 23, 2013

Submitted by Kay A.


  • 1 frozen turkey breast with frozen gravy packet
  • 1 whole onion


  1. Run water over frozen turkey breast and packet enough to remove the plastic on each. Leave the mesh on the turkey breast.
  2. Place frozen turkey breast, rozen gravy packet and whole onion in Instant Pot. Push poultry button and set minutes to 35. When finished, allow to depressurize for a few minutes. Remove lid, turn turkey breast over. Replace lid, press poultry and set time for 30 minutes. When beeps, allow to fully depressurize. Check internal temperature of turkey breast with meat thermometer. Mine was 180F degrees.
  3. Remove lid.  Check internal temperature of turkey breast with meat thermometer. Mine was 180F degrees.
  4. Remove mesh. Remove turkey and slice. Places slices and turkey gravy into serving dish.

Turkey was tender and better tasting than brining and cooking in oven.

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10 Responses to “Turkey Breast Easiest Ever”

  1. Gayle says:

    What if the turkey breast is thawed out? Should I lower the Tim I cook it?


  2. Cay says:

    I only have half a turkey breast. Not even three pounds. And it’s not frozen. Can I still cook it? How long would I leave it in? I haven’t used my instapot yet.


  3. Sharon says:

    I just made roast turkey breast using a recipe off of the site peggyunderpressure.com
    It turned out great.


  4. Melissa says:

    I’m going to be doing the real turkey breast with the bone in but haven’t found a good recipe for my IP, could anyone give me some pointers please?


    Donna Reply:

    This would be a great question for the Instant Pot® Community here:


  5. jean says:

    I read the internal temp should be 165 not 180. Would shaving off 5 min. from each time be ok? I will be using broth not gravey. How much broth should I use?


  6. Keepsakes says:

    Made this and it was wonderful took the leftover turkey and gravy and made soup with veggies, brown rice and chicken stock the soup was so flavorful just got my Instant pot and I love it


  7. B1uebird says:

    I tried this recipe today and it worked pretty well for the most part. I did not leave the mesh on. I had a hard time finding a breast small enough to fit into the Instant Pot. I got the smallest one my store had and it was 6.41 lbs. It BARELY fit, but I got it into the pot. I had a hard time removing the plastic pouch with the gravy from the frozen breast prior to putting it into the pot. It was firmly frozen inside the breast and no amount of running water was going to free it. I eventually slit the top of the gravy bag and took a spoon and scooped the frozen gravy out into a bowl. Then I was able to remove the plastic bag. I put barely enough broth in the bottom of the Instant Pot to help prevent scorching because I added some fresh herbs and some dried celery with the quartered onion. (I had to quarter it because the breast was so big that a whole onion and the breast weren’t going to fit.) I also rubbed the frozen breast with some salt and some Mrs. Dash’s chicken seasoning. Then I followed the rest of the directions precisely. At the end of the second cooking session, the breast was slightly underdone (160 degrees), so I brought it back up to pressure for zero minutes (set the time to zero) and let it natural release again. This time it was a little overdone (180 degrees on one half and 200 degrees on the other half, the half that was lowest in the pot). But this is great way to make turkey quickly without thawing!


  8. B1uebird says:

    I was just wondering why you leave the mesh on. Is that just because it is frozen and difficult to remove or does it serve some purpose? Is it safe to heat it to high temperatures under pressure? Thank you for your help.


    Frank Reply:

    The mesh holds the turkey together. I you leave it on while cooking in a regular oven or slow cooker the net will stick to the turkey but in a PC it comes right off very easy.


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