Sweet Carrots

By March 27, 2013

Submitted by Kay A.

Makes 2 cups. About 100 calories per cup.


  • 1/2 Tablespoon butter
  • 1 Tablespoon brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup water
  • pinch of salt
  • 2 cups baby carrots


Place the butter, brown sugar, water and salt in Instant Pot. Press saute button and stir for 30 seconds or until butter is melted. Add carrots, stir to coat carrots. Put lid on cooker, close the pressure release value (set to sealing), press steam button and set time to 15 minutes.

When beeps finished,  do a quick release of pressure. Remove lid, press saute button and saute until liquid has evaporated. Remove carrots. (Add a little water to the pot to prevent sticking until you can clean the pot.) Serve.



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21 Responses to “Sweet Carrots”

  1. Janna says:

    Even 5 minutes was a bit too long. I’d do it for 3 minutes in the future..


  2. I liked this cooking method, but as other reviewers suggested the carrots were VERY soft. I’ll probably try it again using the steam setting for only 5 minutes.


  3. Sara Ferrell says:

    The flavor was really good, but holy cow, they were MUSH! And yes, I used the steam function. I’ll try 10 next time.


  4. AlpenaVicki says:

    Made this tonight. Followed it exactly. Carrots almost mush at 15 minutes. Way way too long.


  5. Nancy Frias says:

    I’m really surprised that the cooking time is 15 minutes for baby carrots! I cook a roast often and after it is done, I take it out and dump cut-up carrots and potatoes and onions in and only steam for two minutes. They are large chunks and they are definitely cooked through. I’ve noticed on so many of the recipes or comments on this site, that there is a large difference on cooking times. I wonder why? Look at the potato recipe and comments. That is what makes it so confusing on how to cook things using this pot.


    mona Reply:

    No way baby carrots take 15 minutes! The’d be mush. I agree with you about the confusion. I think perhaps people have grown up eating mush and don’t know the difference. Cooking veggies too long destroys the nutritional value.

    I go to hippressurecooking.com and follow her timing charts.


    carolyn Reply:

    Followed instruction for carrot and it was mush. Disappointed in a lot of the time on the time chart,


    Connie Reply:

    This recipe is for using the STEAM option on the IP, not the pressure cooker. Steaming for 15 minutes seems totally appropriate.


    Jack Reply:

    This is the first recipe I tried in my new 8 quart instant pot. I was anxious about steaming without a trivet or steaming pot, but everything turned out perfectly. I did pull the carrots a little before all the liquid boiled out. Carrot texture and flavor was fine.

  6. Lissa Browning says:

    Do you mean cook for 5 minutes? Isn’t 15 minutes too long?


  7. Cindi says:

    I’m curious, what is the purpose of using baking soda?


    Donna Reply:

    Baking soda enhances the Maillard Reaction, resulting in a “caramelized flavor”.


  8. Nick says:

    This is the second time I’ve made this, and while it’s been a hit as is, I’ve always ended up with a TON of water. I can’t possibly sauté is long enough to evaporate all the water left.

    How much water should there be? I usually double everything and I’m very confused as to what’s going on!

    I’m using the electric instant pot as is probably evident from me being on this site :)

    Thanks :)


    Donna Reply:

    No need to double the water, about a cup total should be fine.


    Nick Reply:

    That’s what I used :(

    I’m wondering if maybe I should just keep it at a half?

    Thanks for the reply by the way, and merry christmas!


    Donna Reply:

    Give it a try, I expect it will be fine.

  9. William Pollock says:

    It would be of great help if you specify whether the pressure release valve should be in the open or closed position.


    Donna Reply:

    Pressure steaming would require the pressure release valve to be in the closed position, thank you for pointing this out William!


  10. Teresa Graham says:

    I will try yours….I am sure it is great. My daughter prefers with the sugar.


  11. Teresa Graham says:

    I have done the carrots but omitted the sugar…..added 1/4 teaspoon baking soda……they come out as sweet as can be……also, I do not use the water…..just melt the butter, put in the baking soda and carrots, cut into slices and 5 mins or less pressure cook! Voila……very sweet carrots without the sugar.


    Kay Anthony Reply:

    Yes, I thought your carrot recipe was good, too. I find that like them better without the baking soda, though. It leaves a bit of a grainy texture to the outside of the carrots when I use it.


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