Split Pea with Ham Soup

By September 20, 2015

Submitted by Nancy B.

2 cups dried peas
5 cups water
1/2 cup diced ham
1.5 tsp salt
1 tsp onion (or half a fresh onion chopped)

Cook in the Insta Pot for 17 minutes on “Manual”.

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8 Responses to “Split Pea with Ham Soup”

  1. Bettie says:

    I halved the recipe – do I still cook it on manual for 17 min.


  2. Dansephreak says:

    Simple as it is, I love this recipe. I’ve shared with a bunch of friends. Tonight, I’m trying it with ham hock like Alice suggested. Can’t wait!


  3. Cyndi says:

    Thanks for the recipe. I made this for dinner tonight and it was fabulous. I added thyme, garlic, black pepper and put in 2 tablespoons of bacon fat to help control the frothing.


  4. Danielle says:

    just made this – its sleeting and cold here and this hit the spot! Did quick release and put some grated cheese on top and it was perfection.

    For the onion I used the 3 onion spice blend from epicure and it was perfect.


  5. Ricki says:

    The manual says not to use the IP for split peas, I think because they froth and sputter causing the valves to gunk up. So do you just make sure not to overfill the pot when using split peas? Is there a magic amount to keep in mind? Half full?

    New IP Owner


    Donna Reply:

    Yes, not overfilling the pot, and no quick release, let it rest a bit after cooking is complete.


    Deborah Reply:

    Also I think the fat from the ham helps keep the frothing down. I’ve seen other websites that call for putting a little oil in with split peas and other frothy items in order to keep the bubbles down. I think the ham does the same thing.


  6. Andrew Haase says:

    I have tried this recipe with both natural and quick release and either works fine, so quick release is probably best.

    BTW: (Sherri) Quick release is when you open the valve and allow the pressure to dissipate rapidly (you open the pot about 1 minute after it is done); Natural release is where you do nothing and allow the pressure to dissipate over about 20 minutes.


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