Improved Versatility of Instant Pot Model IP-LUX60/50

By January 31, 2012

InstantPot IP LUX control pannel 300x280 Improved Versatility of Instant Pot Model IP LUX60/50

InstantPot IP-LUX control pannel

Our users told us that you want more capabilities from Instant Pot, especially the browning and slow cooking.  You may ask how “slow cooking” is compatible with the brand name of “Instant Pot”.

When our design started over 3 years ago, the intent was to create a smart cooking appliance so that cooking process to a user is “instant”, i.e. the press of a button. Of course, being a pressure cooker Instant Pot also speeds up cooking substantially.

To enhance Instant Pot’s versatility in cooking capabilities, we added Sauté/browning with 3 different temperature settings, ranging 105~170° C (221-338°F).  You can use “Adjust” button to choose “Less” for low temperature, “More” for high temperature (close to olive oil smoking point) and “Normal” in between.  Sauté is done with the lid opened. This function can also be used to thicken the sauce after cooking.

Following the same line of reasoning, we added 3 temperature settings for “Slow Cook”, ranging 88-99°C (190-210°F), again adjustable with “Adjust” button.  These correspond to low, normal and high temperature cooking in common slow cookers.

We also extended manual cooking time to 120 minutes to cook tough dry food, e.g. split corns, in one cooking cycle.

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12 Responses to “Improved Versatility of Instant Pot Model IP-LUX60/50”

  1. Susan says:

    I’m trying to make hard boiled eggs in my instant pot and it needs to be set to “low” pressure. I can’t seem to find how to make it go from high to low unless I use the rice setting. When I use the rice setting it defaults to 12 minutes and won’t allow me to drop the timer down to 6 minutes to cook. Am I missing something re: how to do this?


    Instant Pot Staff Reply:

    Hi Susan,

    You first select a program, e.g. “Steam”, and then press the “Pressure” button to toggle between High and Low pressure setting.


    Elizabeth Reply:

    How do I handle this situation (say to cook boiled/steamed eggs) if my Instant Pot does NOT have a Pressure button? Thanks!


  2. Vegetarian says:

    So that is true for IP-LUX60 too right? I was confused about the temperature from saute and slow cooking. So, you mean if we use the seal then the temperature is always 115°C~118°C at 15 psi for other optionsI mentioned before?


    Instant Pot Staff Reply:

    Yes, the working temperature for soup, rice, poultry, meat, congee, rice, bean programs are in the range of 115°C~118°C or 239°F~244°F


  3. Sue Exline says:

    I am a bit confused with the Slow Cook setting. The manual says that the “Adjust” key has no effect on the slow cook program (page 08) but in this post it looks like it does have an effect. Which one is right? It is very confusing cause the slow cook recipes that I have seen do call for a certain temperature setting.


    Instant Pot Staff Reply:

    Hello Sue,

    It’s a mistake on the manual. The “Adjust” changes the temperature. Please refer to our “How to Use Instant Pot as a Slow Cooker” here:


    Sue Exline Reply:

    Thanks! That was quick! Really appreciated.


  4. Gadget Freak says:

    If I read the specs correctly, this new model does not reach 15psi. I was wondering if you could comment on the design choices involved is selecting the operating psi / temperature which is lower than “standard”?

    I’m asking because the CookingIssues blog found that stock tasted better when made at 15psi than at lower pressures, and most pressure cooking recipes are written to assume 15psi.

    This increased versatility of this new model are very appealing, I am considering an upgrade. Also, can you cook at a lower pressure setting (which some recipes call for)? (I didn’t see that in the specs, apologies if I missed it.)


    Instant Pot Staff Reply:

    Hi there,

    The maximum pressure of Instant Pot is 15.2psi. But the regular working pressure is in the range of 10.15~11.6psi. If you view Instant Pot’s pressure diagram on , it is comparable to stove-top pressure cooker reaching 15 psi and then heat being turned down. The cooking pressure closely simulates the most common use the standard 15psi stove-top pressure cooker.

    Meanwhile there are many brands of stove-top pressure operating at 12 psi, 11 psi, 10 psi or even lower. The current Instant Pot models don’t support other pressure levels yet. If there’s strong demand for such feature, we shall introduce the capability in the future.


    Vegetarian Reply:

    Could you plese tell me the specific temperature I would get for other options like soup, rice, poultry, meat, congee, rice, bean. Thanks


    Instant Pot Staff Reply:

    Instant Pot operating temperature is 115°C~118°C or 239°F~244°F

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