Home Made Raisin Butter Rice

By February 28, 2012

Submitted by Crystal J Zh.


  • rice, raisin, butter, salt and (optional) fresh parsley.
  • 3 or more cups of  long grained or wild rice •¼  salted butter •one teaspoon of salt
  • 1/2 cup of raisin
  • parsley (optional) for garnishing


  • Washed the rice, and mix all the ingredients in instant pot, excepted for the parsley. Add water, the water needs to be 1cm-2cm above the rice line.  The texture of the rice depends on the amount of water.
  • Set up Instant Pot as ‘rice cooking.’  After, the rice has been cooked, release the pressure, open the cover and stir the cooked rice to mix the ingredients.  Add chopped parsley for garnishing.
  • Sweet buttery creamy rice, mixtures of texture and flavours, a taste of oriental and middle east culture,  sure to be a hit for the whole family, especially loved by children.

For savoury options add meat, vegetables or nuts.

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4 Responses to “Home Made Raisin Butter Rice”

  1. Jan H. says:

    How much butter? Is it 1/4 of a stick, 1/4 of a pound, 1/4 cup?


  2. Mona says:

    I followed this tonight and used Wild Rice from Trader Joe’s. I only added the water, olive oil, and the salt cut to 1 tsp. I used the multi grain button.
    It turned out fabulous. The Wild rice was absolutely perfect on it’s own, but I’m looking forward to adding the raisins, butter and parsley.


  3. Ew says:

    Long grain rice? So wrong.


  4. Jaslyn says:

    Im abt confused. Why is that there is salt n den 1/4 salted salt n still salt. Its at de ingredients stated.


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