Cooking Time

Stop Watch shadow 180x180 Cooking TimeAs with conventional cooking, cooking with Instant Pot is full of personal choices, creativity, a lot of science and experimentation. No two people would have exactly the same tastes, preferences of tenderness and texture of food. The cooking time chart provided in this recipe booklet is for reference purpose. The user is encouraged to experiment and find your own time setting for the best result to the user’s own liking.

There are other factors that may affect the cooking time. Different cuts of meat and different types of rice, for example, may require different cooking time to yield the same tenderness or texture.

The following pressure cooking timetables provide a general guideline on the length of pressure cooking time for various food.

When cooking frozen food, there is no need to defrost the food in the microwave first.  However frozen food will prolong the pre-heating time and cooking time by a few minutes depending on the amount of food.

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