Cooking Bone-in Turkey

By September 2, 2012

Submitted by Larry P. Northern Minnesota



  • Thawed turkey breast with bone that will fit in the pot on the trivet
  • Wash the turkey and put it in the pot on the trivet with one cup of water
  • Use manual set for 45 minuets
  • Let the pressure release natural – takes about 20 minutes
  • Check the temperature of the turkey just to make sure – 180 to 190F
  • Consume the moistest turkey breast ever
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7 Responses to “Cooking Bone-in Turkey”

  1. Ann Brunzell says:

    Can you cook a small turkey in the pot?


    Instant Pot Staff Reply:

    Hi Ann,

    It’s hard to define the size of a small turkey.
    If the turkey can fit in the inner pot, it can be cooked.


    Mrs Victoria M Charles Reply:

    Did you use the high pressure? That happened to me with chicken breast, cooked it for 15 min. like recipe called for, it was raw, changed the pressure to high, cooked it another 15 min. it turned out moist and done.


  2. Al M says:

    I followed the above directions and the it came out undercooked The time is way too short. I cooked a 6 lb bone in Turkey breastfeeding and had to microwave it to get it to the right temp.



    Instant Pot Staff Reply:

    Hello Al,

    I’m very surprised that 45 minutes pressure cooking didn’t get your 6lb bone in Turkey to 180 to 190F. The 20 minutes natural pressure release could have lower the food to the keep-warm temperature, around 165F.


  3. Katy says:

    Exactly what I was looking for! Makes BEST sandwiches to take to work, and is cheaper and healthier than processed “lunch meat” turkey! Spread it with cranberry sauce and cream cheese if you want to be in heaven.


    Linda Reply:

    Yummy. Sounds so good. Love cranberries on a turkey sandwich. Will have to try the cream cheese too. Can’t wait to get my instant pot!


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