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Easy 4-Ingredient BBQ Ribs

By , December 29, 2016

Super easy no fuss 4 ingredients BBQ Instant Pot Ribs in 40 mins!

Brushed with your favorite sweet & smoky BBQ sauce, these tender baby back ribs are finger lickin’ good.

Have fun cooking~ :)

Full Printable Recipe & Cooking Tips: Instant Pot Ribs


Pressure Cooker BBQ Ribs (Video)

By , November 1, 2016

Make these delicious BBQ Baby Back Ribs in an hour with homemade dry rub & homemade BBQ sauce.

Tender & moist ribs with incredible depths of smoky & sweet flavors. Your whole family will be all over these ribs! 😀

We developed this Pressure Cooker BBQ Ribs Recipe based on the results of our little baby back ribs experiment.

Full Printable Recipe & Cooking Tips: Pressure Cooker Ribs


Pressure Grilled Beef (video)

By , October 31, 2015

Pressure Grilled Beef How-to video   – Marinated Ribeye On A Round Steak Budget – with Marinade Recipe

How would you like to have a 4 pound marinated ribeye?

You can duplicate one here for less than the price of one 8 oz steak – turn any piece of meat into a marinated grilled steak. Marinated grilled steak recipe. Cobb Cooker used for the cold smoke.

Another BBQ Rib Recipe

By , September 20, 2015

Submitted by Lorraine M.– uses Instant Pot and your own oven.

I usually make a delicious potato salad and baked beans along with corn on the cob when I make this BBQ rib recipe, and it beats firing up the grill in the winter, or at any time.

With this great pressure cooker and your oven you can enjoy ribs year round with minimum mess.

Here is my favorite pressure-cooked oven -finished BBQ rib recipe:

1) To make the ribs more flavorful remove the useless rib membrane from the back of the rib rack. Place a sharp knife and press the point into the back of the rack of ribs to locate that tough thin membrane. When you find it hold a few bounty paper towels and pull it completely off of the back of the rib rack. It is inedible and when it is removed the ribs will become more flavorful as now they will be able to absorb all flavors you add to the rib rack.

2) If you do not have a rub on the rack of ribs when you buy them you can either find one ready made, or check on Google to make your own bbq rib rub. (I prefer to make my own Texas Style rub).

3) What you need to buy from the store: At least 16 ounces of apple cider since you will need 2 cups of apple cider to flavor the ribs in the pressure cooker, 1 bottle liquid smoke, and buy your favorite BBQ sauce, or there are many versions you can buy ready made, or google and make your own.

4) Cut rib racks into smaller sections so each piece will fit into whatever pressure cooker you will use. (place them in with heavy side facing down but line them up one in front of the other until the Instant Pot is filled with ribs), and do not allow them to fall down or lay down. Space is needed for the rib racks to properly cook. (You may need to do this twice, depending on how many rib racks you wish to prepare in the Instant Pot and use the same liquid but if you need a bit more add some more).

5) Now to your ribs add 2 cups apple cider along with some liquid smoke according to your personal preference of smoke flavor and intensity. (If you do not like any smoke flavor omit the liquid smoke).

6) Press the meat function setting. “Adjust” to your preferred cooking time for tenderness….(anywhere from 15 minutes to 22 minutes, and allow the ribs to naturally release and come down from pressure on their own).

7) While racks of ribs pressure cook set your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

8) Get a jelly roll pan large enough to hold the ribs or use 2 jelly roll pans.

9) Place aluminum foil on the bottom of the pans to void messy clean up, and then add an oven safe wire rack on top which will hold the sauced ribs out of any fat which drips down.

10) Get your favorite BBQ sauce and starting with the back of the slab of ribs slather the sauce on the ribs using a pastry brush, then turn the rib sections over and sauce the front very well.

10) Place the ribs in your preheated 400 degree oven and let them bake and caramelize for about 10 minutes, then check them and add more sauce if you wish, and bake another 5 minutes. If you like them more caramelized leave them in a bit longer, but keep checking very often and do not allow the ribs to burn.

11) Enjoy!

Spicy Honey BBQ Wings

By , September 9, 2015

Submitted by Noel


2 lb frozen wings

2 lb wings
¾ cup honey BBQ sauce
½ cup apple juice
½ tsp cayenne
1 tsp black pepper
1 tsp crushed red pepper
2 tsp paprika
½ tsp basil
½ cup water
½ cup brown sugar

¾ cup honey BBQ sauce
½ cup apple juice
½ tsp cayenne
1 tsp black pepper
1 tsp crushed red pepper
2 tsp paprika
½ tsp basil
½ cup brown sugar
½ tsp liquid smoke

Combine pressure cooker sauce and 2 lb frozen wings into pressure cooker. Cook on high pressure for 10 minutes. Natural pressure release or quick release. Put wings on baking sheet, baste with basting sauce, broil in oven for 7 minutes. Turn wings over to the other side with tongs, baste, broil for 7 minutes. Turn wings over, baste, broil for 1-2 minutes. Turn wings over, baste, broil for 1-2 minutes. That’s it!

I like to save the pressure cooker sauce in a container and reuse it the next time I make these wings.


Instant Pot BBQ Ribs

Submitted by Fred M.

This is a simple recipe that provides a lot of flavor for minimal time in the kitchen. Enjoy!


  • 2 racks of pork ribs
  • 3 c. Sweet Baby Ray’s original BBQ sauce
  • 1 c. of water
  • 2 yellow onions, diced
  • 2 tbs. heaping minced garlic
  • 1 tsp. liquid smoke (best is from LEM)
  • 1 tbs. chili powder


Cut ribs into 3 rib portions and place them into Instant Pot Programmable Pressure Cooker. If frozen, no need to defrost. Add all ingredients in a bowl with the BBQ sauce and mix well, then add to the pot. Close the lid. Then press  Meat button and set  +  to 40mins. Once it is done, use the quick pressure release. Open the lid and ensure the ribs are soaked in the sauce, tender and the meat is still on the bone. If not done, use the manual setting and cook for 5 more mins.

Remove the meat, cut ribs into individual pieces and put into a large pan with an aluminum foil cover in the oven at 210 degrees. Use the manual setting but reduce the pressure/temp. to “normal”. You want to reduce the BBQ sauce by about a cup….i.e., thicken the sauce. Once thickened, serve the hot ribs with the sauce.

BBQ Chicken Strip Salad

By , February 5, 2013

bbq chicken salad BBQ Chicken Strip SaladSubmitted by Kay A.

Fast (frozen to ready to serve in 35 minutes) Delicious Healthy

If you divide the chicken to make four servings, the chicken alone will be 215 calories a serving.


  • 1 pound frozen chicken breasts
  • 1/3 cup water

BBQ Sauce

  • 1/2 cup ketchup
  • 3/4 teaspoon McCormick’s Barbeque Seasoning (or any brand you like) • Dash red pepper flakes • 1/4 teaspoon dried Italian seasoning • 2 teaspoons honey

Salad fixings

  • Lettuces, spinach, tomatoes, pine nuts, walnuts, flax seeds, shredded cheeses, etc.
  • Salad dressing of your choice (yogurt based dressings are especially delicious)


Spray the bottom of the Instant Pot with nonstick spray. Place the frozen chicken breasts and 1/3 cup of water in the pot and put the lid on. Press  the steam button and set the time to eight minutes. (The pot will come to pressure in about eight minutes and then cook for eight minutes.)

While the breasts are thawing in the Instant Pot

  1. Prepare your salad fixings and place them in into serving bowls.
  2. Mix together in a separate bowl the BBQ sauce (ketchup, BBQ seasoning, red pepper flakes, Italian seasoning and honey.) 3. Taste the BBQ sauce and adjust it to make sure it is the way your family prefers. We are a fairly low sugar family, so you may want more honey.

When the Instant Pot beeps that it is finished, throw a dish towel over the top and do a quick pressure release. Remove the top. With the chicken still in the pot, use a large fork and long sharp knife to slice the chicken into 1/2 inch strips being careful to not touch the sides of the hot pot. The chicken will be raw in the middle but easily sliceable. Pour the BBQ sauce over the chicken and mix with a heat safe spoon. At this point, it looks like chicken in a watery tomato soup.

Press the sauté button and set the time for 18 minutes, which will likely be too much time. This will come to a good boil, but will not splatter on your kitchen because the Instant Pot insert is so deep. For the first 10 minutes you can work on other things in the kitchen and just visit the pot, stir a little, turn chicken over, etc., as you monitor the progress. However, as the sauce thickens, it is important that you stay with the pot and monitor the sauce. So, for the last five minutes, you move the chicken around in the pot a little while the sauce thickens and sticks to the chicken. When almost all of the sauce has stuck to the chicken, remove the chicken to a serving tray. Turn the pot off. IMMEDIATELY pour 2-3 cups of water into the Instant Pot to keep the remaining sauce reside from sticking and burning to the pot.

Lay the chicken on top of the salads and serve. It is so good.


Barbacoa de Cordero (Lamb BBQ Mexican style)

By , November 6, 2012

Lamb BarbacoaSubmitted by Ezzie B.

Imagine sitting on a gently rocking boat under a warm sun in southern Mexico.  Your hostess brings out a big platter loaded with lamb slow cooked in a long simmered chili sauce, surrounded by small dishes of chopped cilantro, cut limes, refried beans, rice, and a stack of fresh warm corn tortillas.  Shots of tequila are passed around.  Everyone gives a  rousing cheer of “Salud!”  Then all dig in!  This was our introduction to one of our favorite Mexican dishes.

Making the chili sauce is a long process but I’ve found a great quick substitute…Old El Paso enchilada sauce!  You can buy it in mild to hot versions.  The Instant Pot on meat setting saves hours of slow cooking the lamb.


Barbacoa de Cordero (Lamb BBQ Mexican style)


  • 3 # lamb shoulder
  • 1 Spanish onion
  • 3 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 19 oz can Old El Paso Enchilada sauce
  • 2 Tbsp. oil
  • Salt to taste

For serving:

  • Cilantro, chopped without the stems
  • Corn tortillas (3-4 per person)
  • Limes cut into 8ths
  • Black beans or refried beans
  • Chipotle style rice (see my recipe for it on the Instant Pot recipe site)


  • Marinate lamb overnight in Old El Paso Enchilada sauce (mild, medium or hot).
  • Set Instant Pot to sauté setting and put in oil.  Let the oil heat up for a minute or two.  Put in the onions and cook until soft, add garlic and cook for just a minute being careful not to burn.
  • Add the lamb and marinade.  Let the marinade heat up and reach a boil.
  • Put Instant Pot on stew and pressure cook for 35- 45 min.  I did mine for 45 minutes because I like to pull it into shreads for the tacos.  Note: If you cube the lamb it will cook in about 20 minutes.  Let the Instant Pot return to normal by itself.
  • Meanwhile heat the beans, cut the limes, put the hot rice into a serving bowl.
  • Shred the cooked lamb with two forks (as you would for pulled pork) and put in a serving bowl.  Ladle generous amount of sauce over it.  Heat up 3-4 corn tortillas per person.  I put mine on a saucer, then put another saucer over them and microwave for approximately 2 minutes (if serving 3-4 people) at 70%, or until the tortillas are all warm.
  • To serve: spoon the lamb mixture onto a soft warm corn tortilla, sprinkle on cilantro, then squeeze on lime juice.  Or you can do like my husband does: spoon rice and beans onto the warm corn tortilla, sprinkle on cilantro, add lamb, and squeeze lime juice over all of it.  Delicioso!

My heartfelt thanks to our friend and fellow cruiser, Blanc, a for serving this wonderful dish to us and sharing her recipe!

BBQ Hawaiian Turkey Meatloaf 

By , March 29, 2012

Submitted by Pamie F.

I have more photos and a how-to video at my Website at:

P1080332 Large 300x225 BBQ Hawaiian Turkey Meatloaf Ingredients

  • 2 – tbls. – Olive Oil – Divided
  • 1 – med Onion, (minced)
  • 3 – cloves of Garlic (minced)
  • 1- Red Pepper (finely chopped or you may use Green Pepper)
  • 1 – 15oz canned diced Tomatoes
  • 1 tsp. – Sea Salt (or Himalayan)
  • 1/2 tsp. – freshly ground Black Pepper
  • 1 tsp. – Parsley (fresh or dried)
  • 1 tsp. – Paprika
  • Pinch of Cayenne Pepper
  • (NOTE: Save a Pinch of Salt, Pepper, Parsley, Paprika and Cayenne to season the Bread cubes.)
  • 1 1/2 cp – whole grain Bread (Cubed)
  • 2 lbs – ground Turkey
  • 1/2 cp – dry Red Wine
  • 2 – Eggs
  • 3 1/2 tbls. – Sour Cream or Creme Fraiche
  • 1 1/2 tbls. – Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tbls. – Soy Sauce
  • 3 tbls. – Ketchup
  • 3 tbls. – favorite BBQ Sauce
  • 1 cp – crushed Pineapple (drained)


  • In a skillet, put in 1-tbls. Olive Oil and add Garlic, Red Pepper and Onions.
  • Sauté until Onions are almost transparent.
  • Add your chopped Tomatoes and cook down until almost all of the fluid has been cooked out of it.
    Set aside to cool.
  • Next – in a skillet add 1-tbls of Olive Oil and the Bread cubes and a pinch of the Seasonings you saved back: (Salt, Pepper, Parsley, Paprika and Cayenne) to the Olive Oil. Sauté until the Bread Cubes are well toasted.
  • In a mixing bowl add your ground Turkey, Eggs,Sour Cream, Worcestershire and Soy Sauces. Mix well.
  • Add your cooled Seasoned mixture to the Turkey mixture.
  • Add your loaf into your ceramic or glass dish.
    You may use a loaf pan that will fits inside your Instant Pot.
  • Top with the mixture of Ketchup and BBQ Sauce *Sprinkle Pineapple over top the sauces.
  • Foil the top of your Turkey Meatloaf to seal it and keep it moist.
  • Add 2 cups of water to the inside pan in your Instant Pot.
  • Set in your Trivet.
  • Add in your Turkey Meatloaf atop the Trivet.
  • Set your Instant Pot to the “Meat” setting.
  • Once done, let the the Instant Pot cool down on it’s own.
    This will help set up the Meatloaf. Note: DO NOT cut it until it’s cooled at least ten minutes.
  • Slice the Meatloaf and ENJOY!

Pulled BBQ Beef Sandwiches

By , March 27, 2012

Submitted by Pamie F.



  • 2 pounds – Beef of choice
  • 2 cps – Water
  • 4 cps – Finely shredded Cabbage (the secret ingredient and you’ll never know it’s in there.)
  • 1/2 cp – Of your favorite BBQ Sauce
  • 1 cp – Ketchup
  • 1/3 cp – Worecestershire Sauce
  • 1 tbls – Horse Radish
  • 1 tbls – mustard


  1. Add and stir in ingredients to your Instant Pot and set it on the “Meat” setting. (35 minutes)
  2. Once done, let set until steam subsides and then take off the lid.
  3. Pull out the Beef and fork shred it. Return it to the sauce and simmer until it cooks down. Do this on the “Saute” setting.

I make a steamed Bread in my Instant Pot in coffee cans. I mount the Pulled BBQ Beef atop the bread along with Swiss or Cheddar Cheeses and grilled caramelized Sweet Vidalia Onions or fried Onion Ring.


BBQ Ribs

By , February 16, 2012

This is a recipe submitted by Sina.

BBQ Rib Feb 16 2 52 44 PM 239x320 BBQ Ribsgot my instant pot today. i just made my first food in it and i’m impressed!!!! i have in 20 minutes tender pork back ribs( after they were finished i put them for 5-10 minutes under the broiler so they got a nice colour!) they taste amazing.

I ALREADY LOVE MY INSTANT POT. falling of the bone ribs after 20 minutes in the instant pot. wow.

i seasoned them with a rib rub and browned them on the “browning” setting first. took them out…. added 1 can of root beer. added the steam rack in the pot,brushed selfmade bbq sauce on the rib pieces,arranged the pork back ribs on the steam rack. closed the lid, used meat setting for 20 minutes. after pressure was gone and all was finished i took the ribs out(very tender!!!!) and just brushed some bbq sauce on them again and put them for 5-10 minutes under a broiler(oven). that’s it. awesome and tender fall of the bone ribs in 30 minutes with the help of the instant pot! thanks for an amazing product.

(shared it on facebook as well)more to come on facebook for sure. :-)

BBQ Ribs with Programmable Pressure Cooker

By , October 29, 2009

BBQ RibsThis finger licking food is everybody favor but it takes time to cook. It usually takes hours in the oven to have nice soft and juice ribs. With Instant Pot Programmable Pressure cooker, it is matter of minutes.

Prepare Time: 30 minutes

Cooking Time: Around 35 minutes with Instant Pot Programmable Pressure cooker

Ingredients: 4 servings

  • 2 racks of pork ribs
  • 2 cup of your favor BBQ sauce
  • 1 cup of water
  • 2 red onions peeled and cut in half
  • 4 carrots peeled and cut in desired size

Cooking:  There are two parts – Pre-Meal and Ready for Meal.

  • Pre-Meal

Cut ribs into half and place them into Instant Pot Programmable Pressure Cooker. If frozen, no need to defrost. Add a cup of BBQ sauce and a cup of water in the cook pot. Close the lid. Then press  Meat button and set  +  to Longer.  Let it cook. Once it is done and cool down. Open the lid and ensure the ribs are soaked in the sauce. Close the lid and let it sit for a few hours.

  • Ready for Meal

Take the ribs out and place onions and carrots in the Instant Pot Programmable Pressure Cooker with existing sauce. Close the lid and Press Manual button and set to 2 minutes. Then BBQ the ribs with BBQ sauce.