Electric Pressure Cooker vs. Rice Cooker

Cooking rice with an ordinary pot requires a lot attention. Temperature adjustment has to be done at the right moment to avoid spills and burning. This was why rice cookers were invented and have since become an indispensable kitchen appliance to Asian families.

Electric pressure cookers are an improved invention based on rice cooker. The key improvement is pressurized cooking. Instant Pot comes with pre-programmed buttons for cooking rice, congee and porridge. Comparing with rice cookers, electric pressuring cookers have three key advantages

  1. Eliminating possible aflatoxins Rice, if not stored properly, may carry fungal poisons called aflatoxins, a potent trigger of liver cancer. Conventional rice cooking at under 100°C (212°F) is not sufficient to kill all aflatoxins. Study had shown that pressure cooking at higher than 100°C (212°F) was capable of reducing aflatoxin concentrations to safe levels.
  2. Making healthy rice more tasty One very popular healthy rice meal uses whole grain/wild rice and beans, to increase protein, the amino acid lysine and dietary fiber. Whereas whole grain/wild rice and beans can be cooked with rice cooker, the cooked rice often tastes with a rather hard texture. Electric pressure cookers solves this problem nicely, making healthy rice softer and tender.
  3. Saving time & energy Typically an electric pressure cooker cooks a pot of rice in about half of the time, comparing with a rice cooker. Energy saving is around 25~30% range.
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