Convenience 180x180 ConvenienceInstant Pot has 12 single-key operation buttons for the most common cooking tasks, including:

  • Rice,
  • Multigrain rice,
  • Congee/Porridge,
  • Sauté/Browning,
  • Soup,
  • Poultry,
  • Meat & Stew,
  • Beans & Chili,
  • Steaming,  and
  • Slow Cook
  • Keep warm
  • Yogurt (with Pasteurize and Fermented Rice  (Jiu Niang))

These one-button operation keys are carefully designed to achieve consistent cooking results. Of course, if you prefer to set you pressure keeping time for your own recipe, you can do so with the manual setting.

The following features are most notable to the one-button operation keys.

Intelligent pot 297x300 ConvenienceIntelligent Programming

These buttons are programmed intelligently based on thousands of experiments to achieve the best cooking results.

Take the “Rice” button as example. During rice cooking Instant Pot estimates the amount of rice and water by measuring the pre-heating time.  The pressure keeping duration is then varied based on this measurement. Detailed considerations are taken during every rice cooking stages of soaking, blanching, steaming and braising.  See Pete Vegas’ “Rice 101″ to learn more about the science of cooking rice.

Each function button can further be refined to vary food taste in the range of “rare”, “normal” and “well-done”.

Automatic Cooking

Instant Pot also provide convenience in fully automated cooking process, timing each cooking task and switch to keep-warm after cooking. Unlike conventional pressure cookers, you do not need to have a timer to manually monitor the cooking time.

Planning Meal with Delayed Cooking

Delayed cooking (up to 24 hours) can also be done with Instant Pot, allowing you to plan the meal ahead of time. Most importantly, you don’t have to stand around in the kitchen to watch over the cooker in operation. You are no longer tied to the kitchen to make the meal.

Needless to say, Instant Pot also reduces cooking time by up to 70%. It works wonders when you come home after work and have to get dinner on the table in a hurry.

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