7 in 1 pot 180x180 BenefitsInstant Pot is the most advanced electric pressure cooker available on the market today. Instant Pot is also a multifunctional programmable cooker. Our latest model IP-DUO series do the job of seven appliances in one, including

  • a slow cooker,
  • a pressure cooker,
  • a rice cooker or porridge maker,
  • a steamer,
  • a saute pan,
  • a yogurt maker and
  • a keep-warm serving pot.

Instant Pot does each of the above function exceedingly well. You can find detailed comparison in the following articles.

The benefits of Instant Pot can be summarized in five aspects.

  1. Convenience:  8 turn-key function keys for the most common cooking tasks. Delay timer of up to 24 hours,  reducing cooking time by up to 70%. Read more here …
  2. Preserving nutrition values with tastes: The Instant Pot smart cooking functions do the best job to preserve nutrition in the food ingredients. Pressure cooking also brings out the best natural taste of the food.   Read more here …
  3. Clean & pleasant cooking experience: With multi-function cookers like Instant Pot, the cooking experience becomes so clean and pleasant. The cluttered kitchen space, messy spills, and the suffocating experience in the kitchen become forgettable memory of the past. Read more here …
  4. Energy efficiency: saves up to 70% of energy. Find out how it’s done here …
  5. Leading safety and dependability: 9 fool-proof safety protections. Read more here …
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