Almost Instant Rice Dinner

By January 21, 2014

Submitted by Teresa G.

Busy all day, forgot to prepare supper and now dinner hour is upon me…..what to do?

I realized quickly I did not have to worry as I had my InstantPot to help me!


  • Bacon- 3 slices cut up into pieces
  • Coconut oil- couple of tablespoons
  • Any leftover cooked meat – I had a pork chop left over from the night before, cut up into small pieces  (my mother cannot chew large pieces) Leftover vegetables cut up – I had carrots and cabbage  leftover from night before, but you can use any vegetable.
  • Cut up red pepper
  • One cup bruschetta- I purchase in jar from Costco and have it on hand One cup of rice- I used white rice One cup of water


I heated my Instant Pot on sauté cycle and added the coconut oil to melt I added the bacon and stirred until it was cooked but NOT crisp I added the leftover meat and sautéed it so it is flavoured in the bacon and coconut oil Along with the above I sautéed the raw rice Then I added the vegetables, bruschetta, water I sealed the lid and manual cooked it for five minutes…..let sit for a couple of minutes and released the steam.

It was delicious served with a side salad…….we ate it all!

This would also make a wonderful stuffing for Green peppers….

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3 Responses to “Almost Instant Rice Dinner”

  1. Kay says:

    I’m a little confused, so you put bruschetta in this? Bruschetta, from what I understand, are toasted breads with a sauce on top. Didn’t the toasts get mushy in the InstantPot with all that liquid?


    Tia Reply:

    I think bruschetta is a salsa type sauce. You can also find it at Trader Joes


    maurizio tamburini Reply:

    Bruschetta is really an Italian term for “toasted breads with a sauce” usually tomatoes, meat or liver.


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